U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Case Against Obamacare Abortion Pill Mandate


A major legal showdown – pitting the rights of conscience and religious liberty on the one hand, against the Obama administration on the other – will soon come to a head.  The face-off involves the Affordable Care Act’s abortion pill mandate, and is a legal battle with profound significance for the religious freedom of our nation’s Christian schools, ministries, and business owners – indeed, for every American.

The U.S. Supreme Court recently agreed to review a lawsuit challenging the mandate filed by Conestoga Wood Specialties, a Pennsylvania family-owned custom cabinets business. Alliance Defending Freedom, along with allies at the Independence Law Center, is representing the Hahns, a Mennonite family, and is asking the court to declare the mandate illegal and unconstitutional.

This mandate is unlike anything in our nation’s 237-year history. It forces employers, against their religious or moral convictions, to pay for insurance coverage of their workers’ abortion-inducing drugs, sterilization, and contraception – or face heavy, crippling financial penalties.

“Faith-based organizations should be free to live and operate according to the faith they teach and live. If the government can fine Christian ministries out of existence because they want to uphold their faith, there is no limit to what other freedoms it can take away.”- Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Mike Norton

Eighteen states and other parties filed friend-of-the-court briefs asking the Supreme Court to hear the Conestoga case. By God’s grace, the Court agreed to hear the case, consolidating it with a similar lawsuit filed by Hobby Lobby Stores, another family-owned business. The high court is scheduled to hear oral arguments on these cases in late March.

On December 3, the Colorado-based Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) became the most recent organization to enlist Alliance Defending Freedom’s aid in challenging the Obama administration’s mandate. In our mandate-related cases, we represent business owners, colleges, and ministries in 10 states and the District of Columbia. (Our cases are among the more than 80 similar cases already filed around the country.)

“All Americans should be free to live according to their faith and to honor God in what they do. Religious freedom is our God-given birthright, and this lawsuit joins more than 80 others to take a stand for that freedom, which the Constitution protects. The administration can’t sell that off for the price of an abortion pill.

-Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Kevin Theriot, one of the attorneys representing FOCUS

In preliminary lower court rulings in 40 of these cases, 34 to date have been decided in favor of those suing the administration. In other words, the sitting president and his 125,000 Department of Justice employees have lost an unprecedented 85 percent of these cases to Alliance Defending Freedom and its allies – with hardly a mention of these defeats in the secular media!

These cases  have the potential to set a legal standard by which religious freedom and “acts of conscience” will be evaluated for years to come. Please be in particular, fervent prayer for our staff and allied attorneys as they prepare for these cases, and for the minds and hearts of the justices who will hear them.

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Author: Alan Sears