Dr. Dobson Draws Line in Sand


This week, Alliance Defending Freedom filed a lawsuit on behalf of Dr. James Dobson and his ministry, Family Talk, against the Obama administration.  Dr. Dobson is challenging the Obamacare requirement that religious organizations include abortion causing drugs and devices in their employee healthcare plans.

To put it simply, Obamacare forces Dr. Dobson to provide his employees with the very abortion-causing drugs and devices he has spent a lifetime telling his audiences to avoid because they violate Biblical teachings on the sanctity of human life.  If he follows his religious convictions and chooses to defy this mandate, his ministry will face enormous fines that will likely force Dr. Dobson to close Family Talk’s doors.

If this was not audacious enough, the federal government is arguing in cases filed by other religious organizations that Obamacare’s abortion pill mandate does not really violate the groups’ religious convictions. But the United States Supreme Court has already said that government officials do not get to decide what the Bible teaches:

“Government officials are not arbiters of scriptural interpretation.”  -Thomas v. Review Bd. of Indiana Employment Sec. Div..

This means that it is not within the government’s power, nor is it the government’s role, to second-guess a person’s religious convictions – let alone to tell him what does and does not violate his religious beliefs, as the Obama administration is trying to do here.  This attempt to dictate the moral boundaries of the Christian faith to a Christian ministry shows just how little respect the Obama administration has for religious freedom.

Rarely has there been a battle with higher stakes for the future of religious liberty.  Please pray for our team of attorneys as we defend Dr. Dobson’s fundamental right to operate Family Talk in a manner consistent with the Christian faith.

You can help Dr. James Dobson challenge the Obamacare abortion pill mandate

Author: Alliance Defending Freedom