Should being forced to violate your deeply held religious beliefs really be “the price of doing business”?

19721-Statement-graphic2Have we come to the point in America where the price of doing business is being forced to violate your most deeply held beliefs?

Ever since the Obama Administration imposed its abortion pill mandate as part of ObamaCare, the answer has been “yes!”

Consider the case of the Hahn family.  They are devout Mennonite Christians, who founded Conestoga Wood Specialties, a kitchen cabinet-making company, nearly 50 years ago. They are peaceful and hardworking people, who have built a successful American business that has created good jobs for its nearly 1,000 employees.

Norman Hahn, his wife and children never imagined they would have to go to court just to stop the federal government from forcing them to pay for insurance that covers the destruction of innocent human life.

The United States was founded by people seeking the freedom to practice their faith in their everyday lives. But today’s federal government says you must give up your freedom of religion when you earn a living for your family in business.

It would surely come as a shock to our pilgrim forefathers that the government could force them to destroy human life in their daily business activities, on the theory that their religion could be freely practiced only in houses of worship.

Yet that is exactly what the federal government is claiming through ObamaCare. It mandates that employers include abortion-inducing drugs, sterilization, and contraception in health insurance even when the religious families owning those businesses object.

Until now, most courts in America recognized that religious freedom includes what you do in your daily life, including in your business. But the appeals court in Philadelphia rejected the Hahns’ religious freedom claim, insisting that because their business is incorporated they cannot even allege they exercise religion in their family company.

The Conestoga case represents a threat to everyone’s religious freedom

If corporations can’t exercise religion, even religious schools and churches might find themselves being told they can’t practice their faith because they are incorporated.

The New York Times, the American Civil Liberties Union, and Starbucks are all corporations, and they all promote ideological agendas. No one believes they don’t have First Amendment rights.  The Hahn family has no less of a claim to its First Amendment rights.

Thanks to your support, Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys have already been able to come to the defense of more than 20 other Christian employers and colleges threatened by the abortion pill mandate.  And, in all but one case where courts have issued a ruling at the heart of our claims, we have prevailed over the Obama Administration’s lawyers—that’s 11-1 for liberty thus far. And just last month, the Supreme Court agreed to hear our appeal on the Conestoga case.

But it’s clear our opponents are not going to surrender without a long fight.  In nearly all of the cases we have won, the Obama Administration has also appealed.

They are that determined to force people to violate their faith and comply with the government’s anti-life demands.

Only the Supreme Court can fix these rulings against religious freedom spawned by ObamaCare. The federal government has no business deciding that faith cannot be exercised in vast areas of human life like business, healthcare, and education.  In America, religious freedom must be respected in all areas of life.


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Author: Alliance Defending Freedom