Freshman Fights to Keep Carols


We are repeatedly inspired and encouraged by the people we serve. For example, Phillip may look like an average fourteen year old – brown hair, braces, and toting a tenor saxophone to band practice, but he proved to possess an extraordinary amount of perseverance and conviction.

When two Christmas carols were cut from his high school band concert, Phillip refused to take “No” for an answer. He took the initiative to talk to his band director, school counselor, managing director, school board, and even called the local media. After his dad did some research on other schools facing this issue (like these two in New Jersey and Wisconsin) he contacted us. When Phillip got in touch with an Alliance Defending Freedom attorney, things began to turn around. Read the rest of his story here.

To other students standing up for what they believe, he says, “When this whole thing came up, I didn’t know where to go or what to do. It definitely takes a lot of patience and faith. You just have to prepare yourself for this battle… stay strong and be patient.

Read and share his story with a student in your life who could use some encouragement today!

To learn more about what is and isn’t allowed in public schools around Christmas, download the 7 Myths of Christmas Fact sheet.


Author: Alliance Defending Freedom