Why the Duck Dynasty Saga Gives TWO Reasons for Hope this Christmas


Thanks to Phil Robertson, GQ magazine, and A&E, two great dialogues have begun which should give all Americans hope for the future …

First, it is refreshing that a few on the left understand what is really at stake here.   Yes, we disagree about the underlying issues, but at least we agree that there should be a robust dialogue on this.  Silencing speech does nothing but to reinforce the notion that some would “win” at all costs – even the cost of someone’s freedom.

Contrary to what one judge said in an Alliance Defending Freedom New Mexico speech case, forfeiting your First Amendment rights is NOT “the price of citizenship.”   The price of citizenship is having to hear ideas and opinions that you don’t agree with.  The duty of citizenship is to seek the truth and apply those truths in developing public policy.  But the truth cannot be discovered when elitists stifle debate.  Rather truth is exchanged for propaganda or mandatory conformity.

Read two great evidences of intellectual honesty and goodwill from folks on the Left who publicly endorse both homosexual behavior and same-sex marriage:

Second, it gives us a moment to remember that there are brothers and sisters among us who wrestle, or have wrestled, with same-sex attraction (SSA) – who know that any sexual behavior outside of God’s design for a married husband and wife is sin – and who are sometimes inadvertently injured by the tone and tenor of how it can be presented.

Whenever believers downplay the inner turmoil these brothers and sisters face with SSA, it can unintentionally cause those who have dealt with SSA to feel even more discouraged as Christians, even more disheartened by their past (or present), and gain even more of a sense that there is no place for them among the Body of Christ.

We want to bless, not burden, someone trying to find peace and joy in their journey to overcome same-sex attraction.

Sadly, the opportunity to focus more on this particular dialogue has been denied us through the reaction of A&E to join the speech police and punish Phil for even expressing his opinion. Instead they added to the growing list of attacks on all Americans freedom of conscience. Chick-fil-A, Pastor Louis Giglio, and our own clients like Elane Photography, Arlene’s Flowers, or Conestoga Wood Specialties (fighting against Obamacare’s Abortion Pill Mandate) have all faced the cowardly and intolerant reaction of a culture that fears any opposition to what is not currently “politically correct.” It has become the war-cry of too many on the Left; and it threatens the entire American way of life.

Still, we cannot help but be greatly encouraged and hopeful for a vast future in America if more of these types of honest dialogues continue – and are joined by more people of goodwill all across this great land.

May God bless us, every one.

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Author: Alliance Defending Freedom