A “Radical” Idea For Valentine’s Day


This Valentine’s Day, we hope you’re celebrating the love of those closest to you: your friends and family. But Cecile Richard, President of Planned Parenthood, has a new idea for Valentine’s Day: Love yourself by having an abortion.

Instead of chocolate, flowers, or cards, she tweeted that what women really need this Valentine’s Day are abortions, adding sarcastically, “Really radical stuff.” She also retweeted a statement image that reads, “This is Valentine’s Day, be sure to love yourself first. Give yourself some TLC,” and then links to their healthcare insurance page.

Actually, I cannot think of a more perfect statement to come from Planned Parenthood. It matches Planned Parenthood’s brand to a “T.”

Clearly, Planned Parenthood doesn’t think of love as anything more than a mechanism for sex and self. They start by teaching young kids—really young kids—about sex, but not in a way that communicates the seriousness of sex; they distribute lewd comic style children’s books. When those kids grow into young adults, they hand out condom lollipops and encourage sexual experimentation on their Facebook page.

Why? It makes dollars and sense. Once these kids grow up and have the Planned Parenthood-style sexual experience, they can get their abortions straight from the source.

What does Planned Parenthood’s idea of “showing yourself some love” and “TLC” really look like?

Last year, Planned Parenthood committed over 327,000 abortions and only 2,197 adoption referrals. They barely offer “healthcare,” and they’ve been cited for dirty and unsanitary facilities. Several instances of botched abortions have harmed, or even killed, the mother.

That doesn’t look like “TLC”, or love, to me – it looks like death. Millions and millions of deaths, actually. But you be the judge.

Planned Parenthood has love all wrong. Love isn’t about loving yourself; just the opposite. Love is about loving another. That’s why Alliance Defending Freedom thinks that the perfect illustration of love is the family. Don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day with death. Celebrate real love.  Celebrate life. Celebrate the family.

By Joshua Tijerina, Alliance Defending Freedom VP of  Digital Communications


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Author: Alliance Defending Freedom