Your Perfect NCAA Bracket May Help Defend the Sanctity of Life

By Casey Mattox,

Warren Buffett knows good business models. The “Oracle of Omaha” is often credited as a general financial expert – and for good reason. Forbes Magazine ranks his $58.2 billion net worth as the 4th highest of anyone on the planet. Berkshire Hathaway, the company that he heads as CEO and largest shareholder, is estimated to be worth as much as $250 billion after an increase of over $34 billion in value last year alone. Clearly, Buffett understands customer acquisition and profit-making as well or better than anyone.

Perhaps this nose for profits helps to explain why Buffett is such a faithful financier of abortion businesses, both domestically and internationally. Planned Parenthood is a corporation with over $1 billion in annual domestic income, roughly half of which comes from taxpayers. Approximately half of its health center income – income to individual Planned Parenthood centers for “services” provided – comes from its abortion business. In the most recent year for which we have data, Planned Parenthood alone brought in over $150 million in abortion income. And it has increased its market share of abortion business every year for over three decades. Planned Parenthood is skilled at building its customer base, keeping costs low, discouraging competition, and increasing profit.

Warren Buffett must see the value in investing in such a highly profitable nonprofit. In 2011, Buffett and his foundations gave over $115 million to abortion advocates in the U.S. and around the world, including $40 million to Planned Parenthood. He has pledged to give away 99% of his net worth before he dies.

So what does this have to do with the NCAA Tournament? Warren Buffett (via a guarantee to Quicken Loans) will pay $1 billion to anyone who can fill out a perfect NCAA Tournament bracket this year. All you have to do is pick all 63 games. The chances are not great. In fact, depending on who is figuring them they are between 1 in 1 billion and 1 in 9 quintillion. And Buffett is one of the few on the planet who can write a $1 billion check without sweating.

But $1 billion is $1 billion. And every billion that Buffett doesn’t have is $1 billion that he can’t give to those who work to end innocent human lives. So as long a shot as it is, I’ll be rooting for someone (ideally me of course) to fill out the perfect bracket (and while I’m hoping – that this will also include a UVA title). Every little bit helps.

Author: Alliance Defending Freedom