BUS-ted: Pro-life Bus Ad Censored

In America, we like to think that city officials give everyone a fair shake, especially when their sole purpose is helping others. But as Women’s Health Link, a free healthcare referral service in Fort Wayne, Indiana recently discovered, that simply isn’t true. Providing things like childcare vouchers, referrals for free healthcare, information about health insurance, and essential baby items like car seats and strollers, Women’s Health Link is a charity on the front lines helping women in need.

To let women know about the free services it provides, Women’s Health Link applied twice to place public service announcements inside Fort Wayne’s city buses that simply told women they are “not alone.” City officials rejected the ad both times. Yes. This ad. The one below.

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 1.53.25 AM

Why, you may ask would the city refuse this ad—an ad Women’s Health Link was ready to pay for—when it accepts so many others? Because unlike the ObamaCare and United Way healthcare programs the city is happy to let others promote, Women’s Health Link provides women with life-affirming healthcare options. City officials rejected this ad based on Women’s Health Link’s life-affirming viewpoint and relationship with a local pro-life group, saying the ad did not “educate the general public or raise awareness regarding a significant social issue in a viewpoint neutral manner.”

The culture of death in the United States is strong. For too long, government officials have catered to radical groups that believe the best choice for a woman in need is to end her child’s life. Everyone should agree that helping vulnerable women and preserving life is a good thing. But any suggestion that abortion is not the right decision for a woman or her baby gets these activists riled up. So government officials ignore the First Amendment and shut down life-affirming speech.

In the battle against this culture of death, we are committed to standing with those like Women’s Health Link who refuse to be silenced. Like a lighthouse on a dark and rocky shore, they give hope and comfort to thousands of women each year and save hundreds of children’s lives. That is why we filed a lawsuit this week demanding that the city stop discriminating against Women’s Health Link’s life-affirming message and display its ad for all to see. And with your prayer and support, we will continue to protect Women’s Health Link and other groups that are turning the tide in the fight for life.

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Author: Alliance Defending Freedom