A Movie About Abandonment, Hook-ups, and Marriage You’ll Actually Want to See


By Emily Conley, Web Writer


What is family? And does it matter?

For those of us Millennials or Generation X’ers, we’re really not sure.

We may know instinctively that marriage matters, we may even believe that marriage is sacred, but our experience of marriage has been anything but. Although we watched our grandparents grow old together, a large percentage of our parents got divorced when we were young, and we spent our weekends with dad and our school days with mom, just like our non-Christian friends next door.

Then we grew up. We survived the hook-up culture of college with just a few lasting scars, and then watched our friends get married, drift apart, and divorce.

The fallout of the family’s decline surrounds us. Poverty. Crime. Addictions. Abuse. And attempts to redefine and reimagine the family only make these problems worse. As we’re just beginning to discover, when the family is weakened, society suffers.

That’s why movies like Irreplaceable matter.

Strong families make the world a better place. Strong families are the future. And that’s what Irreplaceable is about.

On Tuesday, May 6, Focus on the Family will unveil it’s first-ever, in-theater documentary, Irreplaceable. This feature-length film explores answers to the important questions “What is family?” and “Does family still matter in today’s society?”

Tim Sisarich, former Executive Director of Focus on the Family New Zealand, travels the world on a quest to explore what family really means and why it’s important to humanity. While on the journey, he discovers why all humans have a yearning to be in a family and to be a part of something bigger than themselves. He also explores the forces contributing to the breakdown of family, including the decline of marital commitment, the prevalence of “anything goes” sexuality, and the rise of fatherlessness.

But there’s another reason you should go see this movie.

Even though they haven’t seen the movie, opponents of the natural family have launched a petition against the film demanding that theaters refuse to show it on May 6. Some theaters have already caved. Without your support, the crucial message of this film might not even get a chance. Read more about the censorship efforts against this film here.

Tickets for the ONE NIGHT event on May 6 are available NOW.

Go to www.IrreplaceableTheMovie.com, to find a local theater and buy tickets for the May 6 screening.

Author: Alliance Defending Freedom