Answered Prayers: U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Prayer


Public meetings can open in prayer!  Today, the U.S. Supreme Court reaffirmed this American tradition that has continued for hundreds of years and happens daily at every level of government does not violate the Constitution.

Alliance Defending Freedom defended the small town of Greece’s practice of permitting volunteer citizens to deliver an invocation to open town meetings after the American’s United for Separation of Church and State (AU) filed suit on behalf of two clients who complaining that they did not want to hear the volunteer citizens pray Christian prayers.

The suit demanded that the Town had an obligation to censor the prayers to ensure that if a prayer was delivered, it was limited to a generic prayer that was scrubbed of any references that might reveal the distinctive faith of the person praying.  Alliance Defending Freedom argued to the Court that everyone who prayed has the liberty to pray as dictated by their faith and conscience.

The Supreme Court agreed!

Today’s decision pushed back on a ten year attack on public prayers.  Just in the past decade, nearly 20 lawsuits have been filed challenging the way people prayed at public meetings.  And this campaign of fear and intimidation worked all too well.  Many public bodies abandoned the practice of opening meetings with prayer under the threat of a lawsuit. But the prayers of many, many Americans have been answered.

Armed with the clarification provided by the Supreme Court, Alliance Defending Freedom is starting our own campaign to let elected officials know that “We the people pray.”

Make your voice heard by signing this prayer petition.  The collected names may be forwarded to public officials in your state to remind them of the benefit of seeking Divine guidance, and educate them about their freedom to pray.

It’s time to stand up and exercise the God given right to pray!

Author: Alliance Defending Freedom