And the Award for Worst Award Goes to…Planned Parenthood

planned parenthood abortion award

By Eric Porteous, Director of Digital Marketing

I’ve received a few awards in my lifetime, most of them being trophies that collected dust on my bedroom bookcase. And while I’ve never been a huge fan of movie, music, or sports awards shows, I certainly know the basic idea behind them.

Awards are for greatness.

Awards are for excellence.

Awards recognize people who make our society a better place.

So, it struck me as odd to find out that Planned Parenthood, of all places, actually gives out awards. In fact, they give them out to clinics that exceed their abortion quotas! Could you imagine what that award show would look like?

“Welcome to the 2014 Abortion Awards.”

“And now…the award for excellence in destroying human life. The nominees are…”

“I’d like to thank all of the fetuses who made this possible…”

It is classless, and frankly gross, to hand out awards for something that deliberately ends the life of a human being. And yet, Planned Parenthood thinks it’s perfectly normal and good, despite claiming that abortion makes up only 3% of its services. But if abortion only makes up 3% of its services, then why have quotas and why bother awarding clinics that exceed those quotas? Wouldn’t it make more sense to focus on the other 97% of its services?

Maybe there’s more to the story.

According to Sue Thayer, a former Planned Parenthood manager, “For my clinic specifically, we were required to perform 1,135 abortions per year, so we’re selling those abortions to pregnant women who are coming in. At Planned Parenthood, one of their mottos is that every telephone call and every client visit must be turned into a revenue generating visit. Well, the only way to make a profit off a pregnant woman is to sell her an abortion, because Planned Parenthood doesn’t provide any prenatal care.”

While abortions supposedly make up only 3% of Planned Parenthood’s services, they actually make up over 50% of patient fees. Maybe that’s why Planned Parenthood is so eager to award clinics who exceed abortion quotas: more abortions = more money.

But human life should never be degraded to a dollar sign.

It’s time to investigate their plan and put an end to this nonsense. Learn and share the facts about Planned Parenthood with your family, friends, and more.

After all, human life is great.

Human life is excellent.

And human life is the greatest award God has given each of us.

Author: Alliance Defending Freedom