4 Stories: Farmers Fined for Their Faith, A Hold on Removing 10 Commandments Display, and More

Mike Adams, Giffords, Christian University

1. Family Farm Owners Fined for Declining to Host Same-Sex Wedding

ADF Kerri Kupek discusses the Gifford family’s case with Zeb Bell. Watch the Giffords and ADF Allied Attorney Jim Trainor on Huckabee on Saturday at 8 pm ET.

2. California Insists Catholic Colleges Must Pay for Abortions

Loyola Marymount University (LMU) and Santa Clara University’s (SCU) insurance companies had cleared a request with the state to exclude elective abortions from their health insurance plans. But pro-abortion advocates and pro-abortion university employees lobbied the women’s caucus of the California Legislature, which then asked Gov. Jerry Brown to reverse the healthcare department’s determination. The state then revoked its approval and sent letters forcing all health plans in the state to cover all abortions.

The Life Legal Defense Foundation (LLDF) and Alliance Defending Freedom sent this lettersaying that under federal law, California cannot force employers to cover any abortions. And, if the State doesn’t reverse its decision, we are prepared to file complaints with the Office of Civil Rights of the Department of Health and Human Services.

ADF Senior Legal Counsel Matthew Bowman told Christian News that because of a legislative  amendment Congress passed, “… California’s decision is illegal. No state can ignore federal law in a pursuit to conform everyone to the state’s own ideology on abortion.

3. Court Puts Removing 10 Commandments Display on Hold

The backstory: Two residents in the New Mexico town of Bloomfield claimed to be offended by the monument, and filed suit through their American Civil Liberties Union attorneys in 2012 in an attempt to have the monument uprooted.

The federal court that ruled against a Ten Commandments monument has agreed to put its decision on hold until an appeals court is able to hear the case. Our attorneys notified the court Friday August 22 that the city of Bloomfield will be appealing the case to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit.

4. Dr. Mike Adams Speaks About His Legal Victory Against UNC-Wilmington


And for my favorite story of the week: at a recent ADF event, Dr. Mike Adams shared his inspirational seven-year quest to vindicate his First Amendment freedoms.


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Author: Alliance Defending Freedom